Is marriage a measure of Love?

Marriage is a very important and pious issue in Our Indian Society. It is said once a couple ties their knot, their souls are tied together for Seven Lives to come. Few people are lucky enough who get to choose their own life partners. However, Arranged marriages are quite popular in Our country. Irrespective Of the choosing authority, the glorious Fact of togetherness, tagged to the married couples holds good.

I was lucky enough That I had the freedom to choose my partner and I am quite proud of my choice. However, I am not lucky enough to have shared the same dimensions with My Lover all throughout my lifetime here.

I was devastated then, Waves of grief kept lashing on me, I did not know to swim in the Ocean Of grief. I did not know How to Fight back. All my senses were numb. Only a heaviness in my chest and a lump In my throat prevailed, Not letting me even gulp a single bout of Water. I was almost drowning in my ocean of emotions.

My family and friends tried their best to teach me fight back, But I was not ready yet. All my energy and survival instincts were nil. I only prayed For Salvation.

However, My marriage issue was important for many around me. There were many instances when I was asked,”Will u get married again?” “Are u a virgin?” “If you are then why are you mourning so much?” “Cummon Girl, U are not married. Forget whatever happened”

I looked into their eyes, just used to smile and say “Not being married to him doesn’t mean I love him less.” Now when I have overcome my depression, I have realised I have been blessed with everything to make me strong, I can go on alone. I know My Love’s blessings are with me, He will love me although We were NOT MARRIED.

Love is all about growing, not to be kept confined. The only true feeling That is not under the influence of materialism. Love is about giving, Contributing to the goodness of the Universe, Helping Souls to grow spiritually. Its mystisism. Its a penance. The Joy of eternity.

What is Marriage for me? When I first Saw him and immediately became aware of my heart beats, When The Air told me he was near, When his fragrance in the air made me breathe bliss, When His touch of skin Reminded me of ages of togetherness, I knew I was married to Him. A ritual can never be the testimony of my pious love for Him.


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