12th Nov 2016, 2:02am

18 more days to the Final MBBS Professional exams And I was sitting at my study table with my books opened. The letters were just dancing infront of my eyes as they were trying hard to close and I was trying my best to keep them open. My brain was totally exhausted and the inner me was shouting out loud “Thats it, can’t take it any longer.”

My phone suddenly beeped and the below attached photo showed up on my screen. The smile reminded me of those ‘before exam nights’ when he used to just stay over the call and continuously boost me up saying “Pariba tumi, Tumi nuarile kunu nuare, moi janu. Pohi thaka sob hoi jabo”- U can do it, if u can’t then none others can I know that well, Just keep studying and everythimg will be alright.

His voice is so clear in my ears that it feels like he is telling me live now. I am reboosted again. Ready to keep going on whatever comes my way.

I LOVE YOU Ranveer ❤

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