The Dark Diwali… 29 October 2016

Diwali has always been one of my favourite festivals. The lover of brightness craved for the sparkling lights that hung over the windows, the showers of sparkles in the sky and the twinkling small fires of diyas that lit the entire house. I would sit looking at those brightness and imagine that someday these lights and dazzles will bring more brightness on my special day when I will hold the hand of my Partner to promise him an entire life of togetherness.

After I met Ranveer, the festival of Lights became brighter for me. Each year we would promise each other that Every Diwali to come, we both will make the festival brighter for each other. As 3years passed, I too was quite sure that these sparkles will definitely light up the sky when we both will finally give a name to our relationship.

Its Diwali today.The same twinkling lights all around and showers in the sky. The same sounds of happiness everywhere. Only difference is that today I sat near Ranveer’s Framed Photograph and lit a small diya to ask him and also to myself just one question ‘Was our dream too big or too difficult to be fulfilled?‘ He just smiled at me. 

Everything was so dark for me even with these hundreds of lights and diyas all around. I came back to my room to realise that The lover of brightness is no longer alive in me.

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