My 2nd letter to Ranveer.

19th August 2016, 1:23am

Nights have been too long for me these days. Though you told me not to wait for you too long often, I can’t help myself. Seems I find bliss in waiting for you…☺☺Well, I have been wandering How to Thank You for loving me so much. I always feared that I love you more than you do. I was so wrong.😊 I have been an ignorant. You have enriched my soul with the true knowledge of love. You never had been very open about your love for me but you have conveyed it through your actions.

People say A woman is complete when she mingles with her true male counterpart. They are two bodies and one soul then. She receives his name and she is known by his name. And you gave me that honour. You gave me your family and you gave me the opportunity to become a part of your family. Destiny already had made us one soul long back. And now you gave me your name too. You have given me half of your part. I proudly declare myself to be a complete woman because of you. Though there was no ceremony or ritual to mark our togetherness but The Universe had done it all. It has made us one. My heart says we are meant to meet in a divine way and then there will be no separation and only love will embrace us both together. ❤❤❤❤

I love you.. 😘😘😘

#Love #Loveneverdies #Lovestory #Myexperiences #Lovers #SeparatedbyDeath #Soulconnection #Soulmates #Loversjourney

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