Love Never Dies…

This is my first post.

I never had the habit of writing but I think It’s time for me to start writing my thoughts. This post is not only for expressing my thoughts but also because I want to connect to people who have gone through similar situations in their life.

I am a 23year old Girl who is in Love with RanveerRaj Deka. But The irony is that me and my lover do not share the same world since 31st March 2016. The day turned my world upside down. I, who never could manage being away From my love, is now living. I don’t know how. But during these months something made me believe that He is there with me. The feeling is from within my soul as though Ranveer is whispering to my soul constantly, “I am with you.” I am able to work and carry out my regular activities now. I see him in my dreams. Every time there is one message for me,”I am with you. Don’t be sad.” The next morning is then a more beautiful one for me. I rise up happy and with an urge to keep on moving in my life.

I have been told by many that in order to move forward, I need to forget my past. But how can Ranveer be my past when I can constantly feel him with me. And now this is what Is keeping me alive.

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