My 2nd letter to Ranveer.

19th August 2016, 1:23am Nights have been too long for me these days. Though you told me not to wait for you too long often, I can't help myself. Seems I find bliss in waiting for you...☺☺Well, I have been wandering How to Thank You for loving me so much. I always feared that I … Continue reading My 2nd letter to Ranveer.

My first open letter to Ranveer.  

15th August August had always been a very hectic and infact exciting month for me since last 2 years. This month marks the a year n 6th monthly anniversary of our relationship. And 1st September is your birthday. So whole august i used to spend preparing for your gifts and other birthday surprises. This time … Continue reading My first open letter to Ranveer.